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This site is constantly changing. I'm always adding haunts, changing costumes, reviews are being submitted for the haunts that have been visited. A bit of everything. Definitely check back often.

All About Halloween: To have that special haunted Halloween!

Everything that you would need to have the best haunted Halloween! Parties, decorations, makeup, costumes, props! Haunts of Halloween galore!

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Christmas Pet Costumes | Our pets need Christmas costumes too!

Christmas pet costumes for our cute, cuddly pets!

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Christmas Accessories | To have the perfect costume, you need to accessorize!

Christmas accessories are the little things that make your costume

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The Better Cat Litter Cake | Halloween Recipes

The best Halloween recipe on how to make a Cat Litter Cake!

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Fourth of July Costumes | Patriot's Day!

Fourth of July costumes! Red, White and Blue costumes!

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The Bone Dog

On one cloudy full moon Halloween night I was out trick-or-treating with my sister and my father. There wasn't a moment that I wasn't smiling except when

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Huntington House

A person would think that growing up in a small town where the only thing that changes is the stop light would have a handle on everything going on.

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Hallows Dream

Since I can remember, ghost stories and hauntings have always been a topic of conversation told by my family and passed down through generations. Do

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Philadelphia State Hospital (Byberry)

Philadelphia State Hospital (Byberry) was built in 1906 and is now closed do to sewage problems among some brutal stories and the patients having to live

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It Started in the Bathroom!

My friend, Dylan, and I were playing in his basement when the bathroom door slammed shut. BANG! Dylan, only being 8 and I, 9, ran behind the couch with

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