Halloween Fortune Telling Party

Halloween fortune telling is another great party idea. We had a fortune teller at our 2005 Halloween party.

You don't always have to hire someone to make your party a success. You could get a friend to volunteer for the part of your Halloween fortune telling.

Most of the people that I know that could play the part, this kids have already seen before so I found someone off of the internet.

What is the basic set up for a Halloween Fortune Telling Party?

The basic setup or main idea is to have an area with some privacy set aside for just the fortune teller and the one being "read".

Not much is needed. Just a table and a small light, a couple of chairs, your reader and, of course, the one being read.

How did we setup our Fortune Teller?

We had our living room totally separated from the rest of ourFortune Teller behind "the wall" house for our fortune teller. We used a sheet of black plastic hanging from wall to wall with a slit in the middle for a door. Then we hung a shimmery strip of garland in front of the slit to show where the "door" was and to give it the beaded curtain look.

The living room had been decorated for Halloween. All the shelves had Halloween knick knack type items and cobwebs. My desk (which was a total mess - who has a clean desk?) was covered in black plastic and cobwebbed all over.

We put a small card table in the center of the room along with our high back chair for the teller. The chair was also covered in black plastic (mostly because the flower pattern wasn't going to cut it as scary or solemn). There was another chair on the other side of the card table for the one being "read".

There was a small lamp at the fortune teller's table. We had all our Halloween candles and other weird Halloween lighted objects placed on top of the buffet counter.

The Costume

The costume idea that comes to my mind for a Halloween fortune telling is an old looking girl with gypsy clothing. Hair gray and sort of fried looking, uncombed, scarf wrapped around the head with lots of scarves tied around the hips and shoulders. Full skirt with a full, loose fitting blouse. Dangly bracelets around the wrists and big hoop earrings on the ears. Scarves with lots of fringe.

But not all Halloween fortune telling people need to be old looking. A young gypsy would be good too with red, red lips and dark blue makeup on the eyes. Knee high boots with a long full skirt. Peasant blouse pulled off the shoulders on the arms. Also dangly bracelets and big hoop earrings. Scarves with lots of fringe.

If your Halloween fortune telling person is a guy, baggy pants and a swashbuckler type of shirt (loose fitting), bandana tied on the head and pirate type earrings.

Below are pictures with the some of the ideas that I stated above.

I couldn't find a picture of an old gypsy or Halloween fortune telling person so I hope you get the idea from my description.

What items are used for a Fortune Teller Party?

There are a variety of items that can be used for your party. You can use a crystal ball, tarot cards, ouija boards, runes, magic 8 balls, to name a few.

These items below are some things that you can use at a Fortune Teller Party.

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