Popcorn Hands

Fun Halloween Projects for Kids to Do

To make these Popcorn Hands are the easiest Hallowee treat.

Kids of all ages will really enjoy making these. I got this Halloween party recipe from an old recipe book from many Halloween parties ago.

If your party is a younger crowd, this could is a fun "busy treat" to keep them occupied for a bit. This is also a great treat to make and give out at school parties or have them make these in class.

Supplies (for one glove)


  1. Put one piece of candy corn in each of the fingers of the glove. The narrow tip of the corn pointing out like a fingernail.

  2. Fill the glove with popped popcorn.

  3. Leave a bit of glove and tie the yarn around the "wrist".

  4. Put a spider ring on the finger.

Like I said, it was easy.

For some variations

Change out the color of the yarn. Half orange and half black.

Choose a variety of novelty rings.

Instead of plain popcorn, put in Monster Mash Recipe.

Instead of using candy corn, get different color gumdrops for the "fingernails".

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