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Tombstones can have just about anything written on them. Epitaphs are usually the best but not always. Sometimes just the good ole RIP is the "feel" that you are trying to convey. Some tombstones can be made to be either scary or a little comical. I usually try to mix it up. More fun to get your TOTs wondering.

I have made a list for you to conveniently browse through and choose one or many to put on your tombstones. Maybe it will "open the doors" to other incredible tombstone epitaphs. By all means, let me know so that we can share it too!

I have gathered the following from many, many other websites, books, and just viewing neighborhood tombstones. So if there is some original content that I have listed and you do not want me to have it here, please let me know. My apologies in advance.

In case you are looking for something in particular, these a grouped a bit to help:


Names Only

Most of the names are a play on words. If you don't "get it", then say them out loud and maybe blend the words together a bit. You'll hear it.

Al B. Rightback
Alby Rightback
Alex Blaine Laider
B. A. Ghoul
Bach Agenn
Barry D. Alyve
Barry M Alyve
Barry M. Deep
Barry R. Bones
Ben Dover
Ben Thair and Dunn Tat
Berry D. Hatchet
C. U. Lader
C. U. Sune
Candy B. Goode
Clara Voince
Dee Cayed
DiAnn Rotte
Dr. Izzy Gone
Dusty N. Crumblin
Emma Ghost
Fester N. Rott
Fester N. Rotten
Good E. Candy
Good N. Rotten
Hugh B Next
I. L. Beabach
I. M. Gone
I. M. Next
Ima Ghost
Ima Here
Ima N. Carnation
Ima Spook
Imus B. Goewin
Izzy Gone
Jess Kause
Justin Pieces
Justin Thyme
Kay Davver
Kerry Emhoff
Kerry M. Hoff
M. T. Box
M. T. Tomb
Manny Bones
Mark A. Place
May B. Runnen
Myra Mains
Otta B. Alive
Paul Tergeist
Phil Dirt
Pierson D. Heart
R. U. Next
R.I.P. Van Winkle
Reid N Weep
Rick N. Amortis
Ricky D. Bones
Rigger Mortys
Rott N. Flesh
Russ T. Chain
Russ T. Kauphin
Rustin Peece
Rusty Gates
Seymour Butz
Stella Live
Ted N. Buried
Thirst N. Howl
U. R. Gone
U. R. Next
Vandal B.Ware
Warren Pieces
Wee G. Bord
Will B. Back
Willy Rott
Wilson Joynme
Xavier Breath
Yetta Nother
Yul B. Next
Yule B. Heresune

Names with a Saying

~ Dracula ~
Fangs for the Memories

~ Roland Stone ~
Gathering No Moss

~ Rob R. Duckie ~
You’re the One

~ Count Dracula ~

~ Jeffrey Dahmer ~
Mmm... Mmm.. Good

~ Ida Voider ~
She walked in beauty like the night.
Beware her now, she's such a fright!

~ Grimm Rictus ~
1837 - 1913
Death's Grip Holds Me Tight,
But I Shall Return One Night!

~ Chevy Chase ~
I'm Dead And You're Not

~ Count Dracula ~
May you always be in our hearts,
And may that stake always be in yours

~ A.O. Elle ~
1985 - 2005
Connection Terminated

~ John Penny ~
Reader, if cash you are in want of any
Dig six feet deep and you'll find a Penny

~ Dr. Fred Roberts ~
1875 - 1931
Office Upstairs

~ Mr. Fish ~
Worms are bait for fish
But here's a sudden change
Fish is bait for worms
Is not that passing strange

Notable Quote Epitaphs

"Hey y'all…watch this!"

"I've done this a million times!"

"Now I really am between a rock and a hard place!"

"I told you I was sick!"

"I know it's lightning outside!"

Epitaphs for Your Mischievous Guests

200_ Halloween Prop Vandal

~ F. Yurn Vandal ~
The graveyard has cameras, alarms on the props.
Disturbing the contents, summons the cops!

200_ Halloween Party Guest of Honor

200_ Halloween Party Gate Crasher

He stole our stuff - he had no class
So we got medieval on his ass

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