Pumpkin Party 2005

So little time, so much to do.

So many pumpkins, so little time.
Jackie and Heather carving pumpkins.

The reason for our Pumpkin Party 2005 is when you need twenty or more pumpkins carved in time for your Halloween haunt and you just can't do them all yourself.

Pumpkins can't be carved too early without treating the pumpkins. Otherwise the pumpkins will sag and get mushy because they are rotting. (Unless you want that look - could be good!)

We had to waited until a few days before the haunt to get the pumpkins prepared like we needed.

I believe in the more the merrier with pumpkins. So carving pumpkins was a great reason to have a party (especially since I wanted a lot pumpkins outside.

Jenny was cutting the tops off the pumpkins and pulling the pulp out. I separated the pulp from the seeds. The seeds were used for later in a recipe. The rest of the crowd was carving.

Jenny gutting away. Bill carving.
Brit, Olga, and Amber (also taking pictures) Kari, Bill, Brit, and of course, China (the cat) carving.
Brit carving from a pumpkin pattern. Excellent!

Some of the party was using the pumpkin patterns to set up what to carve out on their pumpkins. Some were carving free style.

Olga cutting free style. What talent!

They all looked great. Even the littliest party guest was carving great pumpkins. Kari was using a pattern (you can see it on the floor when you click on the image.) I don't have a picture of the finished pumpkin but it looked just like the pattern.

Kari carving.

Having good times!

Can you believe what comes out of these pumpkins? Jackie and Heather. Jackie's shiner is ready for Halloween! Kari was very proud of her pumpkin.

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