Creature Reacher Costumes

I think these Creature Reacher costumes are becoming some of the greatest costumes.

I would use these types of costumes for the "meeter" in yard haunts. These walk around costumes are great for someone to stand in the yard haunt and wait for the unspecting TOTS to walk up to point out how "cool" the prop is only to find out that it comes alive. You can almost hear the screams.

Or these walk-arounds can be used in the professional haunted houses. You know, while standing in line to have someone tap you on the shoulder only to see this huge creature standing there.

These are wonderful for parties, too. Don't get me wrong.

 The reachers make you appear to be taller by the way the head fits on the costume. The hands are oversized too to give that extra long reach. Hence the name Creature Reachers.

Creature Reachers or Walk Arounds

Creature Reachers' Accessories

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