Aging Clothes
Bury em

I have a great technique of aging clothes
Bury em! OMG! What died? Oh..just clothes.

You heard me right, bury em!

What a great way to age your ghastly costumes! What's even better is there is not much work involved - just time,... literally.

Want to make your own costumes for your zombies, old haggard witches, nasty grannys, gruesome gramps? This is a great, easy cheap way to make costumes. All these characters have the same general costume idea, too.

If you already know that you need to age some clothing for your pet zombie or some other old, ugly creature of sorts, this is a great method. You can bury em now, dig em up later.

You can get that old, dead, nasty, or rotting off clothes that appear to be from the grave itself. Now how cool is that?

Here's the idea:

It's that simple!

This clothes aging technique is best when you have months to prepare (or at least you thought of it early enough).

Basically you need to find a location in your yard that:

First (and most important):

Make a mental note of where you buried it. Not much fun digging holes all over the yard looking for your clothes.

And you don't want to dig up anybody that you stashed before (or maybe you do and use them for a prop... hmmm).

Second, get a lot of water traffic.

By water traffic, I mean where the hose or water spout from your house or where water tends to accumulate in the yard after a good rain. That water will help with the "aging process".

I've heard that the better choices of fabric are the natural fibers like cotton, wool, and silk. Polyester doesn't do as well.

Pre-bury clothes

I'm going to be aging clothes bury em too.

I bought this suit from ARC (similar to Salvation Army), which is a recycle shop.

Cost me about $15 for the jacket and pants. Here's a picture of the suit.

This suit is 100% wool.

Digging away - must bury clothes     Can't believe I'm burying clothes!

The hole was not too deep. About a shovel spade deep and about a foot wide all around.

Throw the clothes in...     cover em up.

I will be digging it up around late September / early October to see just what happened to it.

So now the waiting starts.... ok - it's not easy just watching the mound of dirt. Time flies, you know.... On April 30th, snow - only in Colorado!

Is it done yet?

When I know, you'll know. Check back often.

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