Yard Decorations

Great yard decorations actually don't have to take too much work. All right. Let's get to work on your yard decorations.

Most great yard haunts have certain elements that give it the proper creepy feeling.

The following is list of the major "must haves" for a spooky yard haunt:

You don't have to do all the props listed above. You can mix or match according to the size of your yard and your budget.

In one section of your yard decor you should have your graveyard. The eerie, scary sounds should be emanating  through the air. Pumpkins littered everywhere, in the graveyard and up your walkway to the door. Mummified corpses or dummies should be placed either on the front porch, in the trees or just laying around. Fog should be oozing all around. Cobwebs should be everywhere (except where your TOTS will be walking).

Click on any of the links above to get more detailed information for each of the items. You should find some great ideas to get your juices flowing to help you on your way.

If you want to go the "gotta to have it now" way, there are some great stores shown below that will have all your needs and wants.

If you need help with finding any of your spook effects or ideas for any prop or decorations, please contact us.

You don't have to spend a lot of money or build things for days to have a great spooky yard.

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