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Previous years my girls were in charge of handing out the candy to the TOT's and trying to give them a glorious scare. I am usually lurking somewhere close by to watch the expressions and reactions of everyone being given these glorious scares.

This year because of Halloween falling on a Tuesday night, my daughters will not be able to get home from college and perform their mighty tasks.

So I will sacrifice myself to this holy of holiest tasks of "handing out the candy".

Anyway back to handing out candy.

Scary to the Last

Since I will be doing the "dirty deed" this year, I wanted to give the TOT's that extra bit of a scare. I read somewhere on the internet of another haunter giving a scare up to the last when they get their candy. I thought, "Perfect! I have to do that! You know..., it's the right thing to do. Teeheehee."

The Plan

Who's handing out the candy? A zombie will be holding a cauldron full of candy.

What's so scary about that, you ask? Well, my fellow haunters, they will be greeted by another hand inside the cauldron.

Ok, ok - unveiling time.


I will be dressed in a Grim Reapers costume.

I will be wearing a zombie mask that will completely cover my head. You will barely see my eyes.

I will have a Voice Changer inside the mask to disguise my voice.

The voice microphone has a clip on it and that will be attached to a piece of elastic (wrapped around my face) so that it will be positioned exactly right in front of my mouth.

Sometimes those voice boxes don't work very well unless they are exactly in front of your mouth and holding still. This rig helps me accomplish this.

The voice changer will be set to "monster" which makes my voice deeper and sound gravelly.

I have practiced a bit with this setup and all I have to do is whisper and it comes out about as clear as it ever will without hearing my real voice too.

Setting the Mood

Everything will be set up on the front porch. My porch (where My Lady and the Green Superstretch Spiderweb is shown near the bottom of that page) is not that big.

This year I will have Missy out there along with a few of her missing parts all caught up in a spider web.

There will be a chair of some sort positioned in front of the door.

I will be sitting in that chair (expected me to stand all night? Guess again!) with the cauldron in my lap.

Candy will be in the cauldron (duh!).

Some trusty Sitting Latex Rat Decoration at my feet.

I will have another Cauldron at my feet filled with water.

There will be a Fog / Mist Maker Unit installed in the cauldron.

A hole drilled near the bottom of the cauldron (silicon caulked around the cord) so the cord will come out the bottom that needs to be plugged in (and water won't leak). (Or you can get the cauldron above that already has the mister with it - I wasn't that lucky and made one myself.)

There will be Floating Eye Candles in the water.

There will be music playing.

Probably some from my favorite music on my Fright Flicks CD, spooky sounding theme music along with maybe some kind of moaning, groaning sounds because of Missy and my skinny guy not feeling so hot. 

There will be Fog Machine with Timer blowing around in the yard (from underneath the porch).

Scare Decoration Idea

The cauldron for handing out the candy is one of those large plastic cauldrons you get at any Halloween decoration store.  This cauldron will have a hole drilled into it big enough for my arm to fit in it.

I will be wearing a Corpse Character Hands on my right hand. The left vampire glove will be attached to outside of the cauldron appearing to be holding the bottom of the cauldron.

My left hand will be "made up" to look dead with Green Cream Makeup and will actually be inside the cauldron to hand out the candy & grab the TOTs' hands as they get their candy.

Get it? Handing out the candy? Funny, ha, ha.


Think it will work? I know, I know... I'll behave for the little ones.

I will make sure I get lots of pictures for you to see. I can't wait!

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