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There's going to be a party! A Halloween party! You want your house decorations to be just right! You want all your victims, er..., sorry again, guests to be amazed at how such a normal house turned into such a creepy haunted house!

Here are a few simple things that you can do to have the makeover you need for your house decorations.

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Supplies Needed

Get some lightweight black plastic table cloth (plastic covering)  that you can pick up at any party store . This will come in rolls.

Take this and cover all your furniture where the party will be held. Cover all couches and chairs. I use a long piece to cover the back of the couch and then another long piece to cover the seat section. I just tuck it into the cushions to hold.

If you need extra holding power, use black duct tape and tape the plastic in the back (not to your furniture, especially not to wood). This tape works great but can pull finishes off if you don't watch it.

Another house decorations idea is If you have shelves that have your precious mementos, you can either replace them with your Halloween knick knacks or leave them there and cover them with cobwebs.

Cover your shelves with cobwebs, too. Go from top to bottom, ceiling to corners. Sometimes just a nice triangle of webs in one top corner to the other top corner to one bottom corner works great too.

Cobwebs are the best for house decorations! They go anywhere and make anything look old! Put them into any corner that you find.

To make books look old, buy some hard cover books at garage sales and stack them about the house. Put baby powder (for the dusty look) and cobwebs, of course.

Replace all really nice plants with some old pots with your plants that didn't make it. Great effect! We all have some of those hanging around, right?

If you are one of those wonderful greenthumbs, then just put some cobwebs on the foliage plants. Remove the really pretty plants with bright blossoms, nothing cheery is needed.

Set pumpkins near your areas where there is room and they won't be knocked over. Use glow sticks inside the pumpkin instead of candles. Glow sticks can give a different color light to your pumpkin for different effects.

Try to set each room up with a theme. We usually have a room that we call the spider room. We have the very large spider up on the ceiling with all the decorations that have spiders in them.

Or a room with all pumpkins and pumpkin decorations. Get all the decorations with your theme on it.

You get the idea.

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