Special Effect Contact Lenses

I've been using special effect contact lenses these last few years with my costumes. I've been wearing them to the Halloween conventions that I go to. I've been wearing Halloween contacts when I work at the haunt. It adds so much to the costume. Even when I see someone wearing the wild contact lenses, I have to stare because it makes such a dramatic change to the costume.

You'll need to get a prescription from an eye doctor even if you don't wear contacts or glasses normally. You should always protect your eyes and be extremely careful.

Now my finger is going to wag at you... Never, I said NEVER, share your contacts with anyone. Doesn't matter "oh, I'll clean them real good" or "they're your bestest friends", do NOT share. Wear them safely.


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Amelia Custom

Amelia Custom Contact Lens

Angelus Custom

Angelus Custom Contact Lens

Anime Copy-Cat Custom

Anime Copy-Cat Custom Contact Lens

Anime Eagle Eye Custom

Anime Eagle Eye Custom Contact Lens

Anime Expressionless Fighter Custom

Anime Expressionless Fighter Custom Contact Lens

Anime Fire Fighter Custom

Anime Fire Fighter Custom Contact Lens

Anime Fox Face Custom

Anime Fox Face Custom Contact Lens

Anime Illusionist Custom

Anime Illusionist Custom Contact Lens

Anime Love Soldier

Anime Love Soldier Contact Lens

Anime Mind Reader Custom

Anime Mind Reader Custom Contact Lens

Anime Psychic Custom

Anime Psychic Custom Contact Lens

Anime Scarecrow

Anime Scarecrow Contact Lens


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