Aging Clothes
Hang em High

This is another great way of making zombie costumes - aging clothes hang em high outside. pants for zombie costume

Have you seen how the sun and weather will wreck anything that lays out too long? The sun can warp just about anything. Burns your bare feet when walking on the pavement. Melts crayons (have you done that when you were little? I did!)

Well, leaving the clothes out in the sun and weather will do the same thing.

Here's the idea:


Find an area that gets lots of sunlight. Where you hang em could be a side of a house, on a clothes line, from a tree, on your fence (inside the fence, of course), on top of an old box. You will need to make sure that the clothes are tacked down so that the wind or other elements don't run off with your best clothes.


The sun, wind, rain, possibly snow will take care of the aging process for you.

Periodically you can help by squirting down with a hose (if you don't get much rain) and turning it around periodically say if attached to the fence or the side of a house.

Very simple!

making zombie costumes We used a staple gun and attached the pants to our wood fence in the back yard. Later I will go out there and give it some extra help here and there.

If you're planning on wearing the clothes that you have hanging out there, you might want to tape or sew the pockets shut.  Nothing like finding a fun little critter when you're getting dressed. You might just get scared before you can do the scaring! Tee hee!

Basically let the weather and the elements have their way! You can help it along too by maybe pouring your coffee on it, rubbing some old coffee grounds on it.

Aging clothes hang em high can be watered when doing the plants or doing any kind of yard work, take a part of that, like grass clippings, dirt, mulch, and rub it on the clothes too. Anything and everything will help. Get creative.

You can cut here and there on it. Put wear marks on the knee are (on pants) and on the elbow area for shirts and jackets. Tear at some of the seams. Shred some of the bottom edges of the sleeves, pants, jacket, dress. If there are some tears in the material, it will age faster for those areas.

Oh, make sure that the neighbors don't complain about some clothes hanging outside forever. Actually..., not forever, because you'll need them for Halloween to wear or put on your best mummy.

This clothes aging technique is best when you have months to prepare (or at least you thought of it early enough).

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