It Started in the Bathroom!

by Kleo
(Hay River N.W.T Canada)

My friend, Dylan, and I were playing in his basement when the bathroom door slammed shut. BANG!

Dylan, only being 8 and I, 9, ran behind the couch with me close at his heels.

After 5 or 8 minutes later I took a peek and saw that the door was still closed. So we started to head forward to the door, and Dylan went to open the door and when he grabbed the nob and started to open, we saw that the light was on.

Then SLAM! The door closed again.

I went to open it. It was locked! That door can only lock on the inside!

No one, but us were in that house, well Dylan's mom was sleeping up stairs.

After 30 seconds the wii UPSTAIRS turned on! So we ran up and saw that his mom was still sleeping!!!!!!

we checked the 2 remotes and they had no batteries in them!!!!!!

So we turned the wii off and ran into the back yard.

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Oct 10, 2011
Is it real?..
by: Anonymous

It must be scary

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