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This Halloween decoration is one of the best things around.webbing with "Mother" mummy Cobwebs can fill in all the empty spaces that you just don't The Gentlemanknow what to put there. They are perfect to give your props the added old age look.

I love working with the stuff (other than it sticks to my fingers if my hands are dry). My daughter, Amber, is the "web-master pro" in the family for adding the "webby" look. She does a wonderful job every year.

Jr at the desk in Haunted GarageYou can buy cotton webs from just about anyplace that sells Halloween decorations. Walmart, Big Lots, Walgreens, your Missylocal grocery store, and even your Home Depot or Lowe's stores (to name a few), all sell those cotton webs that look like cotton candy in a plastic bag (sort of - but you get the idea).

They now come in a variety of colors and sizes now. I've seen green, purple and the ever so faithful, white (so far). Now I've seen Bloody Spider Web. I'll have to check that one out.

The green webs work great with a black lite. Last year I put the green ones on my front porch with a My Lady and green cobwebscouple of small strings of green lights. The green webs captured the light so well that you could see my house when you were coming around the corner of the block. It was GREAT!

Cobwebs can be hooked into your trees and brought to the ground. You can place them on top of your tombstones. You can add spiders in them for that extra icky scare. You can hook cobwebs from your house to the ground. This type of Halloween decoration is great because they can cover a lot of area with very little cost.

For safety sake - DO NOT put any webs near any open flames. I make sure all the pumpkins or torches are way out of reach of the webbings. Take into account that sometimes the webs will be dislodged and fly or float around. Any open flames should always be monitored all the times.

Try not to block any sidewalks or access ways for the TOTs to get their treats. Just make sure your victims, er...I mean guests, can make it to their destination without getting hurt. Make sure there is a wide enough path that the TOTs' costumes don't get caught in the webs either. That's not a lot of fun trying to remove webs from a passerby as they pull down all your hard work.

cobwebs in trees
cobweb yard

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