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Ouija Board

The Ouija Board has been one of the greatest "games" for all ages.

I remember using it when I was young during a séance with my friends. We were all giggly, asking questions, watching the pointer with the answers, thinking it was all faked and then the candle flickered weird and someone screamed. We were scared to death! It was great!

Some don't see this as a game but as a way to contact the dead. (Did you ever watch "What Lies Beneath" movie with Harrison Ford and Michelle Pfeiffer in it? She uses the infamous board to try to contact the spirit she believed that was haunting her.)

This game is great for sleepovers, Halloween parties, and general séances.

This is definitely a must have!


Ouija Board

The famous Ouija board--it's been consulted for over 30 years. How it works is still a mystery! It's simple to use. Rest your fingers lightly on the game's oracle. Now ask your question. Concentrate hard and watch as the answer is revealed in the message window. Will it tell you yes...or no? Will it give you a number...or spell out the answer? Ask any question you want. The board will answer. Glow-in-the-dark parts make this game a must-have for sleep overs!

Ouija Keychain

Ouija Keychain

The mini game is identical to the original design. It contains all the necessary elements to predict the future: the alphabet, the numbers, the yes and no, and, of course, the good bye!

Great little item to have!

How do you "play" with the board?

The atmosphere needs to be set first. Usually the room needs to be lit only by candles. Eerie music should be played in the background (but is not necessary - people are usually already spooked without any music.)

This can be played with one or more players. (It has been suggested that no one play alone.) The victims place the planchette on the board and then rest their fingers gently on the planchette. The victims begin speaking to the entity/spirit (or entities/spirits) they wish to summon by asking questions of it. Eventually the planchette will move and come to rest on one letter after another, spelling out a message.

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