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Halloween sounds or music is a great way to invoke emotion. You need music or sounds at your Halloween Haunt to get that emotion all stirred up.

Have you ever watched a scary movie and once you hear the background music the intensity of your feelings climb? Same idea that you want for your haunt.

Scary sounds and music can be set up in different ways. I have hooked up a computer in the upstairs bedroom (that faces the front yard) and put the speakers in the window and played my favorite list of sounds/music.

We have also used one of the kid's portable CD players and hooked up a computer speaker to it and played the CD in it.

If you have the time and money and knowledge, you can set up a large system outside. Right now I tend to work more on the haunt props and not so much on the electrical part of it. Give me time - I will soon enough. For now I have to be happy with the way I set up for now and I am.

There are a couple of CD's that I prefer over the rest. One CD is one that has theme songs from scary movies, called "Drew's Famous Fright Flicks by various artists. I usually listen to the whole CD to get an idea of what kind of mood that I want. Then I copy the particular songs over to another CD.

I usually end up with at least two and sometimes three songs. This new CD is what I put in the CD player to repeat over and over to pipe out the sound and/or mood that I was hoping to achieve.

To get just a scare, Halloween sounds are great. The CD's usually have a list of howls, chains, and screams that you can have just as loud as you can (without distorting the sound) for your yard haunt.

Fright Flix Halloween CD

This is my all time favorite Halloween CD. I have used several of the songs on this CD in my haunted houses and as "mood" music out of the windows for the TOT's.

Music from the best known horror and monster movies. 1 hour.

Fright Flix Halloween CD

Midnight Syndicate Soundtracks MSUBS4PACK Midnight Syndicate Halloween Music 4pack

Looking for the perfect Halloween atmosphere? For the past eleven years Midnight Syndicate has been the premiere supplier of professionalgrade Halloween music to the haunted house and amusement park industries. From television and films to concerts and XBox games these discs are the same ones the pros use when they want to create a chill factor. This pack features four of Midnight Syndicates most popular discs. These dark gothic instrumental symphonies from the crypt are guaranteed to provide you with the best and creepiest atmosphere for your next party Halloween display or dark listening enjoyment. This limited edition fourpack includes the following discs: THE 13TH HOUR The ULTIMATE haunted house CD Ghosts phantoms and spirits from the dark side inhabit this desolate Victorian manor. Over a year in production this CD features the perfect blend of classic 80sstyle horror movie music Midnight Syndicates signature dark gothic orchestration and chilling sound effects that put you right in the middle of a haunted house with a sinister history. THE DEAD MATTER: CEMETERY GATES Beyond the cemetery gates the dead do not rest easily. An ancient Egyptian relic vampires and the living dead lurk amongst its shadowy crypts. Midnight Syndicate beckons you into the dark world that inspired a major motion picture. Midnight Syndicates chilling new critically acclaimed CD The Dead Matter: Cemetery Gates blends dark orchestral instrumental music and haunting soundscape designed to take you on a musical journey into the world within the cemetery gates. OUT OF THE DARKNESS (RETROSPECTIVE 19941999) The best tracks from Midnight Syndicate earlier albums Midnight Syndicate Born of the Night and Realm of Shadows rerecorded and remastered. Also features four previously unreleased tracks from the archives. With over an hour of haunting music this retrospective breathes new life into the early tracks that helped launch the band.

Midnight Syndicate 4 pack


These are the classic Halloween party songs. You guests will know every word to every song. I bet you will too! Songs Include:Monster Mash, Ghostbusters, The Time Warp, Rock Lobster, Purple People Eater, Twilight Zone, Stayin' Alive, Bad Moon Rising, Super Freak, Soul Man, Hot Hot Hot, Spooky, Horror Movie House, Welcome to Halloween, Are You Scared?, Frankenbass and It's Only a Movie.

Drew's Famous - Halloween Party Music

57 Haunts of Halloween CD

Some great Halloween sounds for your haunt.

57 Haunts of Halloween CD

Drew's Famous Fright Flicks

1. The Shining 2. Psycho Suite (from Psycho) 3. Silence Of The Lambs (Theme) 4. Nightmare On Elm Street 5. Dracula - Main Theme 6. Funeral March Of A Marionette 7. The Omen 8. Friday The 13th 9. Poltergeist Theme 10. Amityville Horror 11. Tales From The Crypt 12. Blade Runner (Main Title) 13. Chainsaw Massacre SFX 14. Saw SFX 15. Scream SFX 16. Heartbeat SFX 17. The Cryptkeeper SFX 18. Vanished SFX 19. Scary Movie SFX

Drew's Famous Fright Flicks


I love this CD. Not detailed sounds but great Halloween sounds for the party.


Halloween Horrorscapes

This CD is a soundtrack that plays seamlessly from track to track in a linear, story-like fashion. Sonic Realm also provides production, sound effects, and soundtracks for major movie companies, so it is a topnotch choice for Halloween!

Halloween Horrorscapes

Inside the Halloween party just about anything goes. Depends on the age group of your party of what kind of Halloween sounds or music should work.

Halloween sounds or music are a must for any haunt!

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