Halloween Party Games

Hilarious Halloween Party Games

Halloween party games can be entertaining without being complicated and can provide great fun for all ages. Children love active Halloween games that let them use their imaginations. By incorporating the games described below into a Halloween event, a host or hostess can be certain the guests will all have a hauntingly good time.

Little Ghost, Little Ghost, What Are You After?


• Place one child in a chair at the front of the room with all of the other children gathered behind him or her. The supervising adult should then choose one child from the group to be the ghost. If the children are old enough not to be frightened by it, a sheet with eyeholes cut out can be prepared and placed over the chosen ghost’s head.

• The ghost then moves behind the child in the chair and scratches on the back of it to indicate it is there. The child in the chair asks, “Little Ghost, Little Ghost, What are you After?” In a voice that is different from its own, the Ghost should answer, “I want candy!” Children love changing their voice to a whisper, a shriek, a deep bass, or their favorite cartoon character voice. Once this ritual is complete, the Ghost takes off the sheet and returns to his or her normal place in the group.

• Next, the child in the chair must turn and guess which person was the ghost. If this person guesses correctly, he or she gets the candy, but if the ghost fools the person in the chair, he or she not only gets the candy, but also gets to be the next player in the chair.

Halloween Questions With Crooked Answers


Players first line up in two lines facing each other and hold hands with their wrists crossed. One person whispers a question to one row of players. A separate person whispers an answer to each player in the other row. The first couple then starts by one stating the question and the other giving the answer, three times in a row. The object is to do this without laughing. If a couple fails to ask the question and receive the answer three times without laughing, they must go to the end of the line and try again.

Enough questions and answers should be prepared for all guests to participate.

Question Suggestions:
• Why do you have green toenails?
• Why did you kiss that frog?
• Why do you have warts on your upper lip?
• Why do you have a skeleton in your closet?
• Why do you have a black spider in your ear?

Answer Suggestions:
• Because I sleep in the dog house
• Because I have fuzz in my bellybutton
• Because I wear my socks on my head
• Because I burp when I sleep
• Because my hair is turning green

Children and adults start laughing while playing this game, it is almost impossible for them to stop.

To get more ideas for Halloween party games for kids, plus tips on costumes, music and food, please visit HalloweenPartyIdeas.org.

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