Halloween House Decoration Idea

I wanted you to see a Halloween house decoration idea and how some lighting and sounds can make a big difference.

This Halloween video, supplied by Rob Jordan via YouTube, shows how lighting effects inside the home can have an outstanding visual effect on the outside. Excellent creep factor. I will probably use the lightning effect that they have shown - that was awesome!

*To watch this Halloween video just click on the u that you see on the video screen. Either  u one will be fine.

The two ghostly figures that are in the windows on the right of the building are called FGC's.

There is a cauldron at the front door that has a "fog mister with rotating colored lights in it. There is a skull sitting in front of that. Very easy Halloween decoration.

Periodically you will see a fogger go off. Once again, nice effect. Fog machines are one of the staples of a haunted house or haunted yard display..

They have a few Halloween house decoration idea (pumpkins here, body in tree there) around the yard that all add to the effects. As you can see there is also a small faux fire cauldron to put out enough light for a focal point with other items that they wanted to show.

Along with the lightning effect in the windows are the sounds. Sounds are also another staple to haunting your house or yard. I am a true believer in the power of the "sounds". The lightning sounds and rain are the constant sounds. Then there are various screams, maniacal laughs, and monster sounds, and miscellaneous other eerie sounds going on. I can see kids getting creeped out with this house.

Simply mahvelous! Do you agree?

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