Paper Mache

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This is a super easy recipe. You can use it for all sorts of things to make.

Thanks to the many websites out there that published this paper mache recipe.

I can't give any one particular site 100% credit because there were several sites that had this recipe or a variation of it. This is the recipe that I used for my mummified corpses.

This recipe is available to be shared by all the haunters out there!

Supplies Needed


Set out your bowl and spoon.

Measure out your cornstarch, Elmer's glue, and cold coffee and put into the bowl. The easiest measurements are cups of each. Stir until you get a real smooth texture. The consistency will be rather thick.

Make sure that all the powder on the bottom of the bowl is mixed in with the rest.

Cover your bowl with a tight fitting lid until you are ready to use the paper mache.

Once you start to use your paper mache, you will need to make sure completely re-stir the mixture again because it will thicken on the bottom of the bowl.

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