Women Plus Size Costumes

There are costumes for everyone. Women plus size costumes aren't just "the big stuff" anymore. Now we can get beautiful, elegant, and sexy plus size costumes too!

Aren't they just beautiful? (I'm not being a smart aleck either. I'm a plus size too!)

More great Halloween women plus size costumes ....


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Goldilocks Plus
Goldilocks Plus Adult

The lovely storybook character Goldilocks!... more

Woodland Nymph Plus
Woodland Nymph Plus Adult

A natural beauty!... more

Mother Goose Plus
Mother Goose Plus Adult

Go back in time to nursery rhyme!... more

Raggedy Ann Adult
Raggedy Ann Adult Plus

The classic Raggedy Ann costume, in Plus Size!... more

Temperature Rising Plus Elite Collection
Temperature Rising Plus Elite Collection Adult

This naughty nurse has the antidote for a fabulously fun evening!... more

Beer Garden Girl Plus
Beer Garden Girl Plus Adult

What a fetching fraulein!... more

Gothic Vampira Plus Elite Collection
Gothic Vampira Plus Elite Collection Adult

This posh vampiress is a ravishing beauty! Hopefully shell be gentle when she leans in for a nibble.... more

Witchy Le Bouf Plus
Witchy Le Bouf Plus Adult

BOW-dacious!... more

Velvet Mrs. Claus Plus
Velvet Mrs. Claus Adult Plus

A beautifully designed Mrs. Claus dress!... more

Dorothy Plus
Dorothy Plus Adult

The famous girl from Kansas, Dorothy!... more

Innocent Maiden Plus
Innocent Maiden Plus Adult

Her charms are such that any man would find the sweet beauty in her innocence.... more

Shimmering Rose Vampiress Plus
Shimmering Rose Vampiress Plus Adult

An enticing vampiress costume!... more


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