Halloween Haunt 2005

Welcome to our Halloween Haunt 2005!

We had a marvelous time! We had a Halloween party with a garage haunt that my girls invited their friends to. I had a few of my friends too. It was a great time and we all believe a huge success!

Please check out all the pictures. Click on any of the pictures to make them larger.


We (or should say I?) started making mummies andyard decorations The gang's all here! tombstones and other wonderful scary props early in August (actually that is late by most yard haunters.)

We had to locate our scare-actors and get them all dressed up.

We had a pumpkin party to carve all the pumpkins that were going to be used in the haunt. The driveway and the front of the garage was lined with pumpkins.

The party was being held in our living room, family room, kitchen/dining room, and garage. And of course we decorated the front yard.

covering furnitureWe had to decorate everything. Kay is covering all the furniture with black plastic so that none of the colors are showing.

Party Time!

What a party! We all had a great time! To enter the party Palmistall the Our DJ, Ben Searsvictims, er....guests had to enter through our mausoleum (garage haunt). Then into the house. We had our favorite DJ, Ben Sears, play our party music. We hired a palmist to come in and read palms with souls that were willing to risk knowing their futures. They both were professionals and did a wonderful job.

The guests had their true selves come to the party - check them all out!


Cat litter is food?!   Yummy, pumpkin seeds!  Bring on the food!  Bring on the food!

If you want some of the how-to's on some of these decorations, sign up for the newsletter. We will be publishing the down and dirty on how to do some of these great things to make a party that extra scream!

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