Men Plus Size Costumes

Here's some men plus size costumes for anyone to wear for Halloween.

Got Busted Plus Adult

Pretend your being hauled away by the cops!... more

The Fantastic Four Marvel Dr. Doom Standard Plus Adult

World domination will be yours!... more

Ghoul Robe Plus Adult

Creepy and cool...what a great combo!... more

The Orc Adult

Rancid Orc smell not included.... more

Pirate Plus Size Adult

All aboard for a night of fun... walking the plank is optional!... more

The Zombie Captain Adult

Theres no brig on his ship...only planks!... more

Regency Plush Santa Suit (Red)

A top quality Santa suit with rich plush trim!... more

Priest Adult

This costume will get you some praise!... more

Ninja Plus Adult

A classic Ninja costume, now available in Plus size.... more

Julius Caesar Plus

All hail Caesar!... more

Caesar Adult

All hail the great emperor!... more

Mad Scientist Lab Coat Plus

Is there a scientist in the house?... more

Cabin Boy Adult

Its the pirates life for me!... more

Iced Pimp Ensemble Gold Adult

Hot, Cool, Chic, PHAT!... more

Cutthroat Pirate Plus Adult

SWM looking for a swashbuckling good time!... more

Capn Cutthroat Plus Elite Collection Adult

A Regal pirate in a polished uniform, ready to pillage and plunder.... more

Hillbilly Honeymoon Groom Plus Adult

Nothing but the finest clothes for this special day!... more

Tooth Fairy Plus Adult

Perfect for the man who wants to be the life of the party!... more

Captain Plus Adult

What woman doesnt love a man in uniform?... more

Santa Belt Super Deluxe XXL

This belt should fit around the plus size Santa belly!... more

Ultra Velvet Santa Suit

Top of the line, satin lined Santa Suit!... more

Pirate Captain Plus Adult

A Mighty Commander... more

Elf Tunic/Hat/Shoe Set Adult Plus

The perfect Santas helper costume!... more

Scots Doublet (Admiral Navy) Renaissance Collection Adult

This will definitely get everyones attention!... more

T-Bird Leather Jacket Adult

Only for those guys who are really cool!... more

Emperor Of Darkness Plus Adult

Devilishly handsome!... more

Bounty Hunter Plus Adult

Like you just stepped out of the Wild, Wild, West!... more

Tavern Man Plus Adult

A great medieval man!... more

Crypt Master Plus Adult

A deadly costume!... more

Imperial Santa Suit (Crimson) XL

A beautiful crimson Santa Suit in size XL (50-54).... more

The Deckhand Adult

Swabbing a deck that isnt there...... more

Kris Kringle Suit 3X

A basic Santa Suit available in 3X!... more

Edwardian Vampire Plus Elite Collection Adult

He’s so ravishingly handsome that it won’t take much to entice his lovely victims.... more

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