Streapers Nightmare Story

Streapers Nightmare Story

Ladies and gentlemen. Boys and girls of all ages. Gather round the center ring as we tell you a tale of horrific proportions. A story that lies in the deepest darkest corners of a small town's history. A story that has been covered up for years, but is now being resurrected and brought to the surface.

Geoffrey Streaper was not born to a normal family. Normality wasn't allowed in this family. With a little sister whom was maniacal enough to murder due to extreme mental disorders, a brother who stood over 8 feet tall in height, a father that lead the center ring of their self-named traveling circus, and a collection of other family friends whom had been outcaste by society, Geoffrey grew up in a life as normal as he knew. For him, the people that came to gawk at his family and friends were the freaks.

Geoffrey looked after his little sister Norma as protectively as any normal older brother would. His father had to remind him that they were making their money by allowing people to gawk at all of them during their traveling circus. Geoffrey didn't find this amusing at all, but participated for years due to his fear of his father's extreme wrath.

Year after year, laugh and awe after laugh and awe, the family performed and stood as the judgmental eyes of the community and its visitors paid money to stare at them.

On Geoffrey's 18th birthday he decided to start taking matters into his own hands. He had enough of the laughter and people pointing their judgmental fingers as his little sister who was clinically insane. He left the traveling circus in search of a cure for his sister. Doctor after doctor explained that "There was no cure for someone who was that mad and it was unsafe for her to be a part of society." He didn't take no for an answer. He started researching and looking into treatments for clinically insane people. He broke into the State Hospital and started posing as an intern, learning the history of treatments and investigating the treatments that were deemed "inhumane" and were no longer used to treat patients who were clinically insane. Shock treatments, lobotomies, hydrotherapy tubs, suspension therapy, and many other "treatments" were no longer used in the hospital but the remains of the devices were locked in the basement.

Geoffrey stole the items from the basement and returned to his family in hopes that he could cure his sister, Norma and allow her to live a more fulfilling life with him after they escaped from their father's "sinister circus".

However, when Geoffrey returned his father wasn't mad at all, but rather pleased that he had returned with these peculiar and interesting devices. He designed an all new performance around this historical artifacts in which Norma would play the main character. Geoffrey's little sister became even more of a show because he had tried to save her. So as his father continued to put Norma through these "treatments" charging visitors 25 cents to view her screaming helplessly, Geoffrey plotted out a new way to avenge his sister's misfortune. He would kill his father.

Geoffrey began planning out his revenge and the more he dove into planning his father’s death, the more he saw himself becoming more and more like his father; full of hatred. So one night, after the last performance of the evening, Geoffrey followed his father back to the feeding barn for the animals and grabbed a pitch fork that lied in the hay next to the horses. His father was beating one of the miniature ponies that hadn't performed correctly that evening. He snuck up behind his father and lashed out at him; ending the torture for the animals, and his siblings.

He buried the body under the ground where they gave children elephant rides after performances.

But now what would Geoffrey do? They had no money and no means to escape this life that his father had built surrounding them. So Geoffrey decided to take the place of his father as the Ringmaster and continue the shows after recreating them to be easier on his misfortuned family.

Performances continued and the money rolled in. However, Geoffrey's new found lust for killing still ran deep through his veins. He decided to take revenge on the town for the laughter they continued to throw at his family year after year. After one performance on June 2nd 1968, Geoffrey offered the audience members the chance to tour their estate after the performance. He lured them into their home where his siblings waited in anticipation, weapons in hand.

They viewed old photos and decrepit antiques as they wandered from room to room, followed by Geoffrey explaining the history of the estate. Once they reached the end of the tour of the home, they were in the basement where Geoffrey had told them there were artifacts like no other. He shut the door and as his siblings began to start their own sinister show for the visitors, he smiled with satisfaction. He finally felt that the family had gotten their revenge.

After that, they didn't perform for another 2 weeks. And then they got the itch again... That "pull" towards the center ring that ran through their veins. They needed to perform once again. They needed to kill. So they advertised a new show... One that had NEVER been seen before. They introduced a new segment entitled "Human Marionette, Dance of Death". And that's exactly what they performed. The bodies from the previous victims were strung up and positioned as they performed their dance. Afterwards, the audience was so in disgust but also curious with interest as to how the "puppets" looked so lifelike that they asked Geoffrey about the segment of the show. He explained "come back to the house and I'll show you how we create such life-like puppets". And the cycle began all over again...

Geoffrey and his family have never been caught. The case remains open and under investigation. Due to lack of evidence and the fact that they are prestigious traveling performers, they remain "innocent" and continue to travel performing their "Human Marionette, Dance of Death" show.

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