Frankenstein is one of the great scary Halloween monsters of the past, present and most likely future.

You hear the name and you immediately get childhood memories of a very scary monster, very tall, flat head, green colored skin, bolts coming out his neck, stitches all over is skin, his arms stuck out, walking stiff legged back and forth with huge wedged shoes. Well, that's my memory anyway. When I was growing up, that was a pretty scary monster to me.

This favorite Halloween monster has been the most favorite horror character for a very long time.

Favorite Halloween Monster Ideas

Have you ever wondered if Frankenstein was a real person or not?

Would you like to read books about him?

Would you like to see movies about Frankenstein?

 Would you like to be Frankenstein for Halloween?

Would you like to throw a "Frankenstein party"?

Do you like to collect Frankenstein memorabilia?

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