Aging Clothes Results

The following pictures are from the aging clothes results that I had for the three aging methods, Hang Em, Bury Em and Scratch Em.

Results from Hang em.

Not too much difference except for all the bird droppings on them. I put the cuts in and those frayed a bit more than what I did. So if you want the worn look but not totally grossed out (except for the bird poop) this will be the way to go.

Cut pockets on the hang em

Cut pockets on the hang em

Results from Bury em.

Now where did those clothes go? I swear the tree roots were moving them from where we originally buried them. Now you see why we had the marker? Maybe it was a bit over the top (especially for the neighbors) but we enjoyed it.

Digging up the suit

Where did the suit go?

Found them!

Notice how the jacket threads shredded? The lining pretty much stayed in tact.  It smelled and had mold. Perfect!

If you don't want the total destruction of the clothes, shorten the amount of time in the ground. You'll also want to put some fabric softener spray or Fabreeze on it. It's hard to wear something that can smell really bad... but maybe the smell could be a good thing?

Check out the sleeve. Nice!

The suit shredded very well.

Perfect aging!

I couldn't have done it better myself!

Totally awesome!

The pants were equally grossed out. Smelled, mold, shredded. Mahvelous, darling!

For me to personally wear these, I would have to have a very thin liner inside. These were pretty extreme (even for me) to actually put next to my skin. Wrap them up in a bag with fabric softener sheet for a couple of days and then air them out. The look is wonderful.

Another great use for them is on your props! I don't think they care if it smells!

Pretty nasty!

Such detail. Thanks Mother Nature!

Nice and gross!

Smelly, moldy, couldn't ask for anything more!

Perfect zombie clothes.

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