Over the River and Thru the Woods

by Marne Boyd
(River Falls, WI USA)

About a couple years ago we had my husband's daughter living with us. Her great-grandmother had passed away about April, I believe, and at the funeral she had told her great-grandmother's spirit how she wished she had a chance to get to know her better... boy was she in for a surprise!

A couple days later (the funeral was on a Saturday and it was Monday) I had just got home from school and was running around real quick to get ready for work. Figured the kid was home and the door to her room was shut just kind of let it be, also had heard the TV on so figured she was doing homework or something.

Called out that I was leaving for work and to have a great night, also that her father would be home a little later on and left.

Well someone was in the house but it wasn't Courtney... Get a call at work about 7 or so and she had just got home and was freaking out because she thought someone had broken into our house.

Called the police, her mom and me. After hearing her story of what she had gone through knew exactly what it was in our house, Grandma had come to visit!

What had happened was she was actually not home when I was but out job hunting, she had pulled up to the driveway and noticed that the spare bedroom curtain had pulled back like someone was peering out and fell back into place.

The light was on in that room, she came in the house, went upstairs to find the 4 cats staring into the room and the light was off. She thought she may have been seeing things and went to the bathroom, came out only to find the cats still staring into the room and the light was on.

She ran downstairs, grabbed the phone and called her Mom and stepdad. They told her to immediately call the police and she did. Then called me, told me what had happened and I proceeded to explain to her that it wasn't a burglar but a spirit coming to visit us.

Trying to rack my brain as to who would be coming to see us it hit me, asked her if she had said anything to her great-grandma at the funeral and of course it came out that she had mentioned she wished she had spent more time with her.

Bingo! We have our spirit!

The next week or so was awkward seeing as how I had no idea who this woman was and she was not a fan of my husband because of the lies his ex had told the family about their relationship but we managed to somewhat make it work.

It's definitely trying having a patriarch spirit in your house when you're the patriarch of your house.

We could feel her coming and going and she was more of a watch dog than anything. She had made her way over to the neighbor's house one night and we discovered her dislike for small dogs when the neighbor's dog was barking at her and she kicked him in the head in front of two of our neighbors.

A week or so passed and it was time for her to move on, Courtney was in a good place and we explained to her that we are here to protect her and make sure she's safe.

She still wouldn't leave so we made a call to the mother-in-law, she's a Shaman in the Cherokee nation, some prayers and ceremonies were performed in Oklahoma and it worked!

She passed on to the next world through our utility closet and blew our wireless router out in the process. Took a few days to not feel her presence but she had definitely passed on.

I have many stories of the paranormal but this one was by far one of the oddest.

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Feb 26, 2011
Very cool!
by: Anonymous

What would you have done without the Shaman relative? Too bad the great-mother couldn't have been a better houseguest!!

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