Ghosts at the Historic Santa Maria Inn

by Diane
(Los Angeles California)

My ghost story happened at a hotel called The Historic Santa Maria Inn. I was in town for a graduation which means June weather was nice. Went to the graduation that day. Came back that evening to my hotel room. It was pretty late, 12 midnight, said good nights to family, went to my room.

Well the room at the Santa Maria are pretty cool. It was a place for travelers to stay on their way to San Francisco. Many a Hollywood legend has stayed there from Rudolph Valentino to Clark Gable to Johnny Depp. A lot of the rooms have the name of the star or starlet that has stayed in that particular room.

My room was Jean Harlow. I really didn't really give it any thought. I was watching TV. In the corner of the room that I was sitting all of a sudden got really cold. "Okay," I thought. I left the window open. No window open. I didn't have the AC on. I just could not explain why it got cold.

I walked to the other side of the room, normal temp. Went into the bathroom, normal temp. It got so cold in the corner of the room that I had to put on the heater. There was no rational explanation.

I thought maybe something was trying to show its self to I grabbed my camera. Tried to take a picture and it wouldn't work. I had just used it for the graduation earlier that day. Okay, changed the batteries just to be sure. Still wouldn't work. The corner stayed cold about an hour and the room went back to normal temp.

I really wish I could have seen something that night. I would have asked the ghost a question or two.

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Jan 10, 2019
Ghost at Santa Maria Inn Rm 210 NEW
by: Noema

I used to worked at Santa Maria Inn at year 1982-1983. Normally I worked at night time to closed all open windows, help with the Guest needs anything into their room. One night I have to close the window in Room 210, then when I turned I saw the portrait by the exit door that keep moving and it looks like someone shaking it.
I was panic and stood like a Zombie and don't know what to do, because the portrait was by the door exit. I counted 1-5 then I ran so fast and go the stairs like I'm trembling upside down for too much shock and scared.
I reach out the Counter and told them what happen and they said that's the old man passed away on his favorite room and he's spirit stay on that hotel, Santa Maria Inn.
In the morning, I was called by my Supervisor and questioned what happen on that night. So I told her everything and she told me don't make any more rumors about it because it will cause problem to the Guest.

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