Ghostly Visits in South Bend

by Lucille
(South Bend, IN USA)

Time: 11pm
Location: Stairwell in my apt.

3 Bedrooms and a bath are boys' bedrooms...the Left..the bath & mine.

To my knowledge..we all had gone to bed.

I'm facing the wall in my bedroom when all of the sudden I hear "bam-bam bam" footsteps coming up the stairs & the clinking of what sounds like a glass with icecubes in it.

I turn over & yell out "What are you doing?" ...thinking it was one of my teenage boys messing around & not going to bed & up late on a school night...

I say it again, twice..louder each time.."what are you doing" an irritated tone, thinking he then wasn't answering me..

The noise stops.

I see the light come from my son's room & he steps out & says "what's going on..who was that?"..

I told him to check his brother's room...& he was asleep...then of course got up...afraid...haha. They came into my room and were frightened because they had heard it too and thought it was me...

As we sit in my of my sons looks at me and says..jeaaz..its probably those antique things you keep bringing home, they probably have a spirit attached to them....

Moments after old item I have hanging in the kitchen downstairs flew off the took us a few to make it downstairs because we were scared.

Odd noises and faint voices & quick shadows are commmon where I live...the apartments were built around World War II.

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Oct 10, 2011
by: Nobody


Oct 05, 2011
bet that was crazy
by: Anonymous

Love old places like that, scares the crap out of me :)

Feb 25, 2011
by: Anonymous


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