Halloween time....

Everyone loves a good Halloween scare every now and then.

That extra loud heartbeat pounding in your chest,
the tiny bit of sweat trickling down your brow,
the cold, clammy hands clenching...........

Ah....the wonderful feeling of being frightened!
Isn't it great?

I LOVE Halloween!

Are you fascinated with all the "tricks" of the props at the haunted houses, the face makeup, the scary decorations, and everything that goes bump in the night? Anything that could look scary, feel scary or sound scary?

Do you start salivating, your fangs start growing at the sight of stores gearing up with all of their spooky and eerie decorations that are beckoning you to buy?

Welcome to this site! You have been bitten by one of the biggest growing holiday bug.

This is my favorite holiday of the year.
I am a Halloween fanatic.

Well my dear fellow fanatic - this site is to help you tantalize your victims', er...I mean your guests' senses, sight, sound, and feel with ideas and suggestions on how to get the most haunt out of your holiday now and for years to come.

All Hallows Eve is becoming one of the most popular holidays and still growing in popularity. I can see why with all the fantastic decorations, outrageous costumes and the ever popular haunted houses.

This growing fall holiday is definitely a stress release holiday. No need to panic waiting for Uncle Jim Bob or Aunt Clarice to come visit and eat all your food and tell you what is wrong with your house or your life.

Those wonderful relatives....hey, they could be part of your haunt,
or they could BE your haunt!

Muuwaa Ha, Ha, Ha........

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