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Helpful Halloween Hints, Issue #013 -- 3 Costume Aging Methods - It's Time!
October 29, 2009

Helpful Halloween Hints
Issue #013 -- 3 Costume Aging Methods - It's Time!

Hello Haunter!

Ok, it's time - what aging method did you try?

Did you bury em? Did you hang em? Did you scratch em? Well, I did all three.

Here are my results that I got from each of the methods.

Aging Methods - Method #3
Scratch Em

You saw how the scratch em's turned out. Looks good. Smells fine. Not too ratty but good enough to show wear and tear (tee hee - get it?).

You can see how the clothes are going to turn out before you even finish and can add as you go. When you get done with the tearing, you can pretty much wear right then (also depending on all the ways that you can tear them up.)

Really, no surprises. You know what you get right off the bat.

Aging Methods - Method #2
Hang Em

I pulled down the pants that were hanging on the fence. (The neighbors were probably going "Finally!") Other than some cuts I put in myself and a lot (really, a lot) of bird droppings, there wasn't too much change.

I put in a few cuts about half way through the hanging time because I was a little disappointed about the way they were aging. I cut a few spots near the pockets and around near the knees and near the bottom of the cuffs.

Those cuts were frayed more than the rest of the pants. The material felt firm and an eerily fresh feeling (probably from hanging outside all this time). I did not expect that.

Not bad but not what I had hoped for.

Aging Methods - Method #1
Bury Em

Now for the suit that was buried.

Drum role, please.....

OMG! What an amazing transformation! You can't ask for a better zombie / trashed out / old person costume, ever! OMG! (Sorry, had to say that twice but it's absolutely amazing.)

First we dug around a bit. We even had a marker in the yard (an extremely important item to have by the way) but still couldn't exactly hit where they were buried.

It was pretty comical.

My hubby was out there digging in the yard looking for buried treasure, no, err, clothes. Anyway, we found them. Notice how I said we when he did all the digging - I'm smart that way. :)

The clothes stink, bad. There's mold. The threads are beautifully shredded (if there is such a thing as beautiful and shredded clothes in the same sentence.) Of course, wrinkled. But then we got the suit all wet before we buried it.

What was really wild was the lining which was a thin satin lining, did not appear to be harmed. Moldy maybe but not really changed.

I could not bring the clothes inside (too smelly) and then it snowed really hard today and of course they are still sitting on the lawn furniture under the snow now. (New aging procedure, maybe?) I was going to put the suit on one of my skeleton babies and sit him on the front porch for the TOT's on Halloween night.

I have a web page set up for the results. You'll have to check it out.

I have to say, if you have the time, bury em is the way to go. For sure!

In the Pot Brewing

Still working on how to put in special effects contacts for the first time user.

Halloween will be here very shortly. I hope your Halloween is safe and scary!

Until next time - pleasant screams!

Your Halloween fanatic,

Sandy Love
Sandy Love

P.S. If there is something you want to see, hear about, make to eat, or know how to do, let me know - I am dying to hear from you!

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