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Helpful Halloween Hints, Issue #005 -- Our Day is Near!
October 24, 2006

Helpful Halloween Hints
Issue #005 -- Our Day is Near!

Hello Halloween Haunters!

One week away and I'm not there yet! I have props that need repairs and new props that I want to put out. There is about an inch of snow on the ground and I have a COLD. Now at one week left, do you feel the pain? I feel the pain!

I'm sure there will be parties on the weekend before so your time is even closer. Ouch!

We'll all get there soon enough!

What's New!

Table of Contents

  • Shorty and His Crypt
  • Past Halloween Fun
  • Scary to the Last
  • The Plan
  • The Zombie
  • Setting the Mood
  • Scare Decoration Idea
  • How to Make Missy
  • My Special Request to You

Shorty and His Crypt

I've been hearing about some of you making the crypt. I would love to hear your plans. What will you be using it for? I would love to know what all you did with it.

Past Halloween Fun

Last issue I mentioned that my girls will be away at college for our frightful night so I will be the one handing out candy. Usually my youngest always wants to hand out the candy and see all the itty-bitty TOT's. I usually hover around the window or try become a prop outside (I want to see all the TOT's and watch their reactions with our props).

Anyway back to handing out candy.

Scary to the Last

Since I will be doing the "dirty deed" this year, I wanted to give the TOT's that extra bit of a scare. I read somewhere on the internet of another haunter giving a scare up to the last when they get their candy. I thought, "Perfect! I have to do that! You know..., it's the right thing to do. Teeheehee."

The Plan

A zombie will be holding a cauldron full of candy. What's so scary about that, you ask? Well, my fellow haunters, they will be greeted by another hand inside the cauldron.

Ok, ok - unveiling time.

The Zombie

I will be dressed in a full hooded black robe. I will be wearing a zombie mask that will completely cover my head. You will barely see my eyes.

I will have a voice changer inside the mask to disguise my voice. The voice microphone has a clip on it and that will be attached to a piece of elastic (wrapped around my face) so that it will be positioned exactly right in front of my mouth. Sometimes those voice boxes don't work very well unless they are exactly in front of your mouth and holding still. This rig helps me accomplish this.

The voice changer will be set to "monster" which makes my voice deeper and sound gravelly. I have practiced a bit with this setup and all I have to do is whisper and it comes out about as clear as it ever will without hearing my real voice too.

Setting the Mood

Everything will be set up on the front porch. My porch (where My Lady and the green webbing is shown near the bottom of that page) is not that big. This year I will have Missy out there along with a few of her missing parts all caught up in a spider web.

There will be a chair of some sort positioned in front of the door. I will be sitting in that chair (expected me to stand all night? Guess again.) with the cauldron in my lap. Candy will be in the cauldron (duh). Some trusty rats will be at my feet.

There will be music playing. Probably something from my favorite CD, spooky sounding theme music along with maybe some kind of moaning, groaning sounds because of Missy and Skinny Guy. There will be fog blowing around in the yard (from underneath the porch). 

Scare Decoration Idea

The cauldron for the candy is one of those large plastic cauldrons you get at any Halloween decoration store.  This cauldron will have a hole drilled into it big enough for my arm to fit in it.

I will be wearing a vampire glove on my right hand. The left vampire glove will be attached to outside of the cauldron appearing to be holding the bottom of the cauldron. My left hand will be "made up" to look dead and will actually be inside the cauldron to grab the little TOT's as they get their candy.

Think it will work? I know, I know... I'll behave for the little ones.

I will make sure I get lots of pictures for you to see. I can't wait!

**To view some pictures of the items that I used, check out this yard decoration idea page. After Halloween, I will have actual pictures posted. I'll keep you up to date about it.

How to Make Missy

Missy...poor Little Miss Muffet. Curds too good to leave & RUN? Just didn't get away from that pesky old spider fast enough. Once again, as promised, check out how easy it is to make this gorgeous gal.

My Special Request to You

I want to hear more, more, MORE! What was your best-est costume ever? What are you going to be this year? My crystal ball won't tell me all! Tell me, PLEASE! Forward this to your friends and family so that I can "see" all the costumes.

I am dying to hear from you!

Happy Haunting!

Your Halloween fanatic,

Sandy Love
Sandy Love

P.S. Coming up next - The Big Night

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