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Helpful Halloween Hints, Issue #011 -- 3 Costume Aging Tricks - Method #2!
June 25, 2009

Helpful Halloween Hints
Issue #011 -- 3 Costume Aging Tricks - Method #2!

Hello Haunter!

Still thinking about your costumes? Well, you should! It takes planning, plotting, developing, observing, scheming, designing ..... (ok, I'll stop there.)

I hope you had time to plant your costumes. I'm still waiting on mine (I guess it's only been a couple of months) but I have stirred up some questions from the neighbors.

In case you don't know what I'm talking about, check out the last newsletter or go to this page about burying your kin, er, I mean clothes. (Sorry bout that, got a little side tracked..., mind wandered..., had to grab it before it ran out the door and put it back.)

Anyhoo - this newsletter is about another method on aging your clothes for ugly, ratty, nasty Halloween costumes. (Well maybe not that bad, but you never know!)

Aging Method #2
Hang 'Em High

This is another outside project. It's really, really, REALLY hard to do. (but you can do it - I know you can!)

Get a pair of pants, suit jacket, dress, or whatever you want aged for you or for your prop.

Hang 'em high outside for the summer. Yup, that's it. Hard, huh?

I just took a pair of men's slacks and used a staple gun and stuck them to my fence in the backyard. Now the neighbors will look at it funny, but what the hay. I'm the goofy Halloween neighbor that does weird stuff anyway.

You can hang them against a building, on a clothes line, across the railing on the deck, in a tree (might want to find something to anchor it down - don't want the wind to take it away).

If you're planning on wearing the clothes that you have hanging out there, you might want to tape or sew the pockets shut. Nothing like finding a fun little critter when you're getting dressed. You might just get scared before you can do the scaring! Tee hee!

I just missed a whole mess load of hail storms that could have beat the daylights out of it, duh on me! I knew I should have put them out sooner. Oh well, lesson learned - DON'T WAIT!

The bummer about this method is waiting (again - BORING - like the bury 'em way) but at least you can watch them change.

Go here to read more and see what I'm doing with hanging em high.

In the Pot Brewing

The third method will be out soon. Be watching your in-box for the next issue on aging clothes, the cheap way!

Until next time - pleasant screams!

Your Halloween fanatic,

Sandy Love

Sandy Love

P.S. If there is something you want to see, hear about, make to eat, or know how to do, let me know - I am dying to hear from you!

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