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Helpful Halloween Hints, Issue #010 -- 3 Costume Aging Tricks - Method #1!
April 29, 2009

Helpful Halloween Hints
Issue #010 -- 3 Costume Aging Tricks - Method #1!

Hello my dear Haunter -

I've crawled out from the crypt of the dead - I've always been here, .... lurking!

Ok - Are we thinking Halloween costumes yet? It's too early you say? Tsk, tsk! It's never too early to think about Halloween.

Good weather or not, what we can definitely work on right now is to age the clothes for our zombies, old people, witches, or anything else that you want to look old and decrepit.

What do I mean by aging clothes?

Well when you want your Halloween costume or Halloween prop clothes to be tattered, torn, somewhat grossed out, and a little smelly without the "new clothing off the rack, seams pressed, spiffy look."

I have 3 aging tricks for you to try. They are easy and don't cost you anything! (Easy and cheap - that's always a good thing....)  :) This newsletter issue will be talking about the first method.

Method #1
Bury em Now, Dig em Up Later

If you already know that you need to age some clothing for your pet zombie or some other old, ugly creature of sorts, this is a great method. You can bury em now, dig em up later.

What a great way to age your ghastly costumes! What's even better is there is not much work involved at all. A little digging here, a little sitting and waiting there,...

First, find a location to bury them. The best type of spot to bury them is where water usually sits around after a good rain or where water is running off of the house, like the end of a gutter/downspout from the roof. Make sure if your neighbors are noticing you, that you show them it's clothes and not bits and pieces of any family member.

Oh and by the way, please make sure that all the permissions of the other household members have been taken care of. Don't want to be made a corpse before you're ready!

Gather up some clothes that you want to age. Water them down real good and wet. Might as well have them wet beforehand and give them a head start.

Dig your hole and put them in. Don't fold or roll them up tight. Just wad them up in the hole. Cover them up with dirt.

Then wait, wait, wait........ wait a bit more, and then about late September or early October, dig em up! Hopefully before any big snow hits and then you'll never find them.

One thing that you MUST do when you bury them - make a mental note of where you buried it! Or better yet, maybe write it down (then don't forget where you put your note...ugh). (I put a special marker in the yard to mark my spot.)

Not much fun digging holes all over the yard looking for your clothes. Neighbors look at you kinda funny. And you don't want to dig up anybody that you stashed before (or maybe you do and use them for a prop - that would be cool).

The real bummer about this method is waiting and not knowing how it will turn out. But that's ok - while you're waiting, you can practice on your zombie makeup.

More detailed information about aging clothes with this method.

In the Pot Brewing

There are two other methods for aging clothes. Be watching your in box for the next issues of how to age clothes, the cheap way!

Until next time - pleasant screams!

Your Halloween fanatic,

Sandy Love
Sandy Love

P.S. If there is something you want to see, hear about, make to eat, or know how to do, let me know - I am dying to hear from you!

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