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Helpful Halloween Hints, Issue #004 -- Shorty is on the Way to Save the Day!
October 10, 2006

Helpful Halloween Hints
Issue #004 -- Shorty is on the Way to Save the Day!

Hello Halloween Haunters!

I'm trying to get things out to you sooner since the time is getting closer and closer. Right at three weeks left, how's your haunt?

There is so much that I want to show you and tell you but I won't be able to get everything out to you before all the ghosts and goblins come out on that frightful night.

I will do the best I can for this year. There's plenty more haunts where this one came from - sound like a plan? Kewl!

What's New!

Table of Contents

  • Shorty's Crypt
  • Props, Props, and More Props
  • Yard Decoration Idea
  • Shorty's Crypt How To
  • Halloween Haunt 2007
  • My Special Request to You

Shorty's Crypt

Did you make the crypt? How easy was that? Did you have any problems with the instructions? If you did, you have to let me know. I want to make sure that you, my fellow haunter, can understand my instructions so that you, too, can make a fun and exciting haunted yard.

The whole idea is not to make it hard. I know I don't always explain things the best way. People tend to forget that when teaching, others don't always know what the teachers know and sometimes don't always explain it right. Get my drift?

'Nuf said - tell me if I'm not clear.

Let's move on.

Props, Props, and More Props!

Must have light fx! In the yard haunt, in the party room, in the haunted house. Without the lights, how can your TOT's see what's going to jump out at them in the night? Gotta to have it! There's blacklites (I LOVE blacklites), there's strobe lights, there's flashing lights, there's lights for your pumpkins, candles, you name it ...

Just face it, you need lights.

Yard Decoration Idea

Both of my girls will be in college on our special night so I have to scare everyone all by myself.....booooohoo. This year only our front yard will be decorated (sort-of). But, there will be some "fun" little things that we'll be doing.

Since some of my mummies can't hang outside in the weather (not treated for bad weather yet), they might be going on a trip. The truck that will be sitting in the driveway will have a flashing strobe inside (there goes those lights again).

The "family" (of mummies) will be in the car getting ready for a drive. They'll be able to tell the TOT's goodbye before leaving...teehee. This should have a good effect.

How to Make Shorty

Well, Shorty is now repaired and back in his crypt in the yard. He has his trusty crow to help him "see" you. Or did his crow do that? Oh well, he's back and like I promised here's how to make him.

Halloween Haunt 2007

Planning a biggie for next year. Will involve a great deal and it's in the works right now. Last party was six months planning in advance. This one won't be a party but a neighborhood haunt and is being planned already. My little gremlins are working on the ideas now. I will pass on some of the ideas as time goes by and as we build (so that I will have some pictures for you too.)

My Special Request to You

I want to hear more, more, MORE! What was your best-est costume ever? What are you going to be this year? My crystal ball won't tell me all! Tell me, PLEASE! Forward this to your friends and family so that I can "see" all the costumes.

I am dying to hear from you!

Happy Haunting!

Your Halloween fanatic,

Sandy Love
Sandy Love

P.S. Coming up next - how to make Missy!

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