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Helpful Halloween Hints, Issue #003 -- The Time is Getting Near!
October 04, 2006

Helpful Halloween Hints
Issue #003 -- The Haunt is On!

Hello Halloween Haunters!

I didn't want this newsletter to be so late. Flu got in the way and slowed me down. Not the month to get something like that. Still slow but better now, thank you very much. Now - On to the good stuff!

October is finally here! Too soon, you say? I know what you mean. There is so much to do and to make.

Table of Contents

    What's New
    • Costumes
    • Props and Props
    • Music
    • Shorty's Crypt How To
    • My Special Request to You

What's New!


There are so many costumes to choose from now. You'll need to take a look and see if it's what you're looking for. Pirates costumes are great hit. So many ideas for those. Sweet girlie pirates to swashbucklers to puppy pirates. All the accessories you can think of too.

What else to complete your costume other than shoes! Check those out.

If you're wanting to do a couples costumes, there are some great ones for that. Don't forget that you can always get a guy's and girl's costumes separate but would actually have the same theme too.

Oh my, have you looked at some of the funny costumes? That's also one of those that you need to just browse around. Definitely some good laughs there.

For the woman who want to impress someone (one way or another) there are the sexy costumes and then there's the ultimate costumes too. Gorgeous stuff.

Props and Props

There's props for your costumes and then there's props for your haunt. You can use some of the costume props for the lovelies that you'll have sitting around the place.

Props for costumes are the final touches to the great costumes. Sometimes just adding the right "little thing" like a set of ears, wig, even just a scar on the face gives your costumes all the right look.


Last issue I said that I will be adding more. Not so in music as there are great sounds and sound effects now. Doors creaking, witches laughing, cats screeching. You name it, it's there. All ready to add to your yard haunt. I was thinking of ideas for my next year's haunt when listening to them as I worked on that page. always, I'm still adding more!

Shorty's Crypt How-To's

As promised on the website, I am going to give you, my dear fanatics, the how to for Shorty's Crypt. It has very simple instructions and you can complete it one day (providing you have all your supplies on hand.)

My Special Request to You

I want to hear more, more, MORE! What was your best-est costume ever? What are you going to be this year? My crystal ball won't tell me all! Tell me, PLEASE! Forward this to your friends and family so that I can "see" all the costumes.

I am dying to hear from you!

Happy Haunting!

Your Halloween fanatic,

Sandy Love
Sandy Love

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